I am so busy tonight.. I still have a scrapbook to finish.. and I don’t want to anymore.. but it’s due tomorrow.. so I gotta finish this. I can’t do it at school.. coz I will be distracted.. so I have no choice but to finish it now.. 

By the way.. we didn’t have class again earlier.. so in the afternoon we went to my friends house.. started the scrapbook.. but wasn’t able to finish it.. we played badminton there for like 2 hours.. and I miss playing it.. 

Nothing much happened today.. I don’t know what time will I go to school tomorrow.. we don’t have classes but we need attendance..

We were  supposed to have a class pictorial tomorrow morning.. but it was cancelled.. maybe it was also a blessing I  disguise.. coz I don’t think I could wake up early tomorrow.. 

So anyways.. I think I gotta end this now.. coz I still have to do my scrapbook.. 

I am sending good vibes to whoever reading this… 

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