A visit

I had this classmate who had an operation.. because of appendicitis.. so we visited her earlier in the hospital to know how is she doing.. it’s good to see that she’s been doing good.. we were just talked about a lot of random things.. she was trying not to laugh hard because it still hurts.. it was a fun visit.. her mother won’t let her play badminton for at least more than a year from now.. she is a varsity and she loves playing badminton.. I feel sad for her on that.. i was really hoping for her fast recovery.. 

Anyways I have to finish this fast coz it’s already late and I have to be early for tomorrow.. for our class pictorial.. that’s the only reason why I will be going to school coz supposedly we don’t have class tomorrow and the day after.. so I will get to sleep.. sleep.. and sleep.. coz I really need that..

So this is it for tonight.. moving up is approaching so fast..

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