Day 19 – The Abominable Bride

Tuesday, March 15th 2016

Today was uneventful like the last, except I watched The Abominable Bride with a friend (the new Sherlock episode).

(Spoilers in this paragraph) I’m not too sure about the ending, but one thing that’s sure is Sherlock did say that Moriarty is dead, except I’m doubtful about it. I guess part of me just doesn’t want him to be, because I love him so much as a villain, but even though he’s dead, he isn’t done messing with Sherlock, so I’m looking forward to that. The episode was very well done, I was pleased with how the story went, because I thought since this was a special, that it wouldn’t progress the story and that it was simply mocking us Sherlockians by making us wait for more episodes than we already have to, but it was well worth the wait. Except the next three episodes are only next year… At least we’re patient, most of us anyway.

Other than that, I broke my nail after trying to battle my addiction of ripping them off and trying to make them longer. Perfect timing! Now the corner of my nail on my bigger thumb (I say bigger thumb, because hemihypertrophy causes half of the body to be bigger than the other and although it does not seem apparent with me, one of my thumbs are shorter and wider than the other, mostly apparent by the nail) to half way down it is nearly ripped off. I put a bandage on it and I’ll slowly get rid of the ripped off piece as my nail gradually grows.

Because I don’t have much to write about today, I plan on sharing another dream from my dream journal, something I might do whenever I have nothing to talk about : “Had a dream people thought it was the end of the world, because tornadoes were forming and mythical creatures were attacking.

My brother and I were in the living room when we saw a tornado form in the backyard, so we headed up the stairs and hid next to my bed. I got a blanket and covered myself, but only slightly, so that I appear dead. We heard noises downstairs and someone rapidly coming up the stairs, so my brother and I pretended that we died. A sort of fox or canine with three legs, short messy fur, deformed head and very skinny as if it hasn’t eaten in days, sniffed us, but let us go.

I was then walking with a person who never saw the world before, but we had to be silent in the streets; no talking and your walking had to be silent; no cars either. This part was animated and was a sort of a musical.”

I feel like that last part of a dream could be a story, where someone who has never seen the outside world comes to discover that you may not do a single sound, or else. Kinda dystopian.

That’s all for today.

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