Ranting, ranting, ranting!

Okay she is being a total bitch and picking on only me again.  As of the moment I’m typing in a statement even tho its not the statement and only my keyboard is rolling.  It pisses me off so much anita can spend half an hour looking at shoes on Amazon and she says NOTHING to her but climbs my ass every time.  What makes it even harder to take…I have figured the stats and although anita is the best producer…I come in second when you figure our pages per hour or pages per day…but she is such a moron she doesn’t even know how to do that math.  She alluded to the fact that I was fucking them on OT.  Anger, anger…mostly because it’s not fair, it’s not accurate and I am at her mercy.  Oh and it is perfectly fine for her to take long phone calls or goodness me keep me from working by yacking to me for an  hour each morning.  Such a fucking double standard.

 Oh this is one of those things that I fucking hate about the work world.  How much I would love to retire!

I can’t though…technically not for three years but from car payment status not for four years and honestly I want to ride it out for five to seven years.  If my body can hold up.  And my temper!  And my freaking temper!!! Holy batshit woman!  I’m good at this job and I know I am!

Ah so today’s rant…well today’s first rant anyhow! 

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