Recent Visit

 Recently i visited to Haridwar, India for some works. It is a place where scarcely populated in the area as compared to other places in India. when i visited to Shopping Mall i could see only few peoples inside the Mall where as in other parts of India there will be many peoples in the Mall. 

But there are temples in and around the state. I have visited to few temples in a limited time. Many Hindu people worship to River Ganga. They believe that if they can take bath in river Ganga, it will cleanse all their bad deeds and will be born in heaven. The people come together also to offer wishes and prayers to lord Vishnu once in every morning and evening. I found that they have strong belief in God and i love the way how they dedicate their prayers to God. I don’t say that their believe is wrong and I am neither against their religion but to me i feel that instead of doing all those things it is better to tame your inside mind then cleaning your out appearance.  By taming your inside mind, i feel that you can be a good human being where you can help others, overcome from hatred, jealousy, anger, and lot many others. Ultimately, this will bring happiness to others and to you also in return.  

Overall, this will bring more peace and unity in and around the world. Lets all hope for the best and try our best to be a good human being. We people can’t be able to be a good human being at all time but at least if we can be a good human being for a day, this will have a larger impact to society and to the world.


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