What about what I want for myself?

Honestly? I’m sure a lot of people would love to be in my position. I mean who wouldn’t want a life as luxurious as mine? Ever since I was born, I’ve been given everything I want. From all the toys I want, food (ofcourse), clothing, to all the gadgets- predominantly apple products that’s available out there. The latest iPhone 6s? Oh yes I have it- and it’s the limited edition one. But you know, these aren’t the things that truly makes me happy. Despite getting everything I want, I’ve been raised not to ask for anything from other people apart from my family who has given me all the material things they think I’d want as a way of showing me their love.. In exchange for my freedom, my life.

Naturally, what I truly want is to be loved- unconditionally. Loved by the people (person) I care about a lot to the point that I would give up everything I have and work from the start to earn what I need, just to be loved by the people (person) whom I want to love me. Yes it sounds crazy, moronic, unintelligent; however, my longing for unconditional love is as bad as my fear of being alone. I know that the kind of people I should be asking this from is my family, but how can I when they themselves wouldn’t even listen to me because they’ve given me everything they think I want so I have no right to complain.

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