27 hours of traveling

I wake up this morning with a message from my husband that his plane landed late, he was almost denied entry into the UK, and he missed his train to take him 2 hours to a car that will be waiting for him, which will take him another 45 mins to where he will be staying.   He was starting to get so annoyed that he was actually ready to head back to customs and just go home. 

The best part of him messaging me this morning, he tells me to look under the bed.  At first I thought he was being a brat, and trying to scare me.  I listen to his text and I find a surprise from him.  Something we do often is hide surprises for each other every time we travel, even if we are traveling together.  Most of the time they are silly, cheesy things. Love notes, weird drawings.  This surprise though was so far the best one he had left me. 

While he was packing he was organizing his photos that he would be taking with, I noticed one that I didn’t think he had anymore.  It’s a few years old, from a time he had long hair.  It just happens to be my favorite picture of him with long hair.  Which says a lot, I didn’t like the way he looked with long hair.  I jokingly said to him, “I want this one autographed by you”.  He gave me the strangest look, put it with the rest of his photos, and we both laughed.  Well, I guess when I wasn’t looking he had pulled it back out of the bag of photos, signed it “To my beautiful (insert name here) I love you so much!” with his signature below that.  The moment I saw the photo I gave a bit of a laugh before I nearly started to cry.  I thought this was the most sweetest, thoughtful gift anyone has ever left me.  

With how he is as a person, I really hope his trip goes better.  It was off to a rough start the moment he landed in the UK.  After he got to his destination, there was no food at the place they were putting him up.  The group that flew him out had been on location for a week, so you’d think his stay would be better organized.  However, that wasn’t the case.  The promoter wasn’t there to greet him, at least they were out getting food for his ‘caravan’ ? (term I learned from a friend).  Instead of him staying in a hotel, they have him in a cabin like thing.  Anyways, the promoter was out getting him food for his stay, which I would think should have been done prior to him arriving, but whatever.  He had no hot water in the place he was staying in.   

The promoter finally arrives to meet him, and deliver his food.  The food they gave him for the week is bagged salad, frozen pizza, and chips.  That’s it!!! I was shocked to hear this.  Again, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, but he has to ‘cook’ himself the same thing over and over again for a week.  No veggies, no fruits, no real protein.  There is no meat on the pizza, we don’t eat meat, so he isn’t getting any real protein.  I get they are trying their best, but I see this happen often.   A lot of times when you tell non vegetarians you don’t eat meat, they think that is what you eat.  They don’t consider you need to have some sort of protein, healthy protein especially.  Most places we travel to, when they ask if we have dietary restrictions they at least provide us with places to go, or we can google it ourselves.  Unfortunately this time, it isn’t that easy.  He can’t just up and leave to travel anywhere to get food.  They are really in the middle of no where 🙁 .  

Well UK, I am very jealous that many of you will be experiencing my husband for the weekend, but I am glad that I get to share him with you.  I know you will enjoy him as much as I do.  

I apologize for this entry being more about my husband than myself.  The only experience of anything I had today was talking to him.  I have been sick and slept until 1pm, and took it easy at home after picking up my daughter from the school bus.  Nothing exciting or even worth mentioning.  

Yours Truly

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