All in a day’s work/True Crime


Well for the first part of the week I hit it lucky.  All I was typing were  robberies.  Oh some armed robberies granted but nobody physcially injured. I was a happy camper. No one shot, no one stabbed. Currently not so happy.  Finishing two days worth of a baby death.  Fortunately it was an accident; I cannot find anything in the news about any charges filed.  Still very sad.  And of course I google names to see if there was anything criminal and then I find the mama’s Facebook page and all these sweet pictures.  Damn it!  Life can be so hard, so sad.  For three solid weeks all I did were homicide statements.  After a while that gets kind of depressing.  Actually there are times when working around this stuff is depressing.  It changes your outlook, totally over time my thinking has evolved.

One thing that particularly struck me was that when Adam and Eve cursed mankind they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  And certainly the knowledge of evil is a curse.  Many times I’ve typed things I wish I’d never heard. Most of it just goes in my ears and out my fingertips and then it’s gone…but somethings…linger.  Damages the soul somewhat I suppose.  And yet…I prefer being who I am now to who I was nine years ago.  I wouldn’t change it. I’m much stronger now and I’ve realized in many ways I always have been strong. And being strong is ever important to me.  And I have loved working for the police.  Our guys (detectives homicide…robbery…aggravated assault) are by far the best people I have ever, ever worked for or with. Ah and so it goes and now I must get back to True Crime.

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