Day 20 – Over a Thousand Words

Wednesday, March 16th 2016

You guessed it, today wasn’t eventful—well, at least a little more.

I woke up did the usual : laid on my couch for an hour watching YouTube videos, ate breakfast, watched another hour of YouTube videos, but then felt this sudden want to take my dog for a longer walk than usual. It was already 11:40 ish by the time I was up and out the door. I walked him for a good 20 minutes and I chose the perfect time, because there wasn’t many people around. I never enjoy walking my dog when there are a lot of people walking around, because I feel like they’d judge me, probably a little bit of social anxiety talking. Even though all I’m doing is preventing my dog from going somewhere he isn’t supposed to be and doing it only by pulling the leash without being rough, I feel like people would think “She’s being too rough with him” or when I stop every few seconds to let my dog pee (because he does that annoyingly) they’d think “She’s weird for doing that” even though that is clearly normal and not the case. I don’t know why I think like that. But since there wasn’t people around, I was capable of enjoying the long walk. The air and breeze felt amazing. I will have to walk my dog tomorrow for sure, since I’m the only one on March break, having to clean the kitchen and walk him, so I plan on walking for a while longer at the same time again, if it doesn’t rain like it had yesterday and Monday. I’m trying to get more exercise as well, because I haven’t done daily exercise since the first semester of 9th grade, so a bit more than a year. That’s quite the problem. It might not seem to affect my health now, but it could in the future. That’s why my mom wants to run with me, but she has a bad leg, so I’m not sure about her running. She might go for walks while I follow my 9th grade’s regimen, where you jog for 7 minutes then progress up to 30 minutes. You don’t have to be fast, as long as you keep a constant pace. I’m sure I could do it. I remember some runs were easy, some were more difficult. I’ll also be more careful about what I’ll be eating, such as trying to eat less popcorn now (because I eat it almost every day), as well as stop eating Nutella, every, single, morning. I’m now trying to eat Quaker’s brown sugar and cinnamon groats now and then, which is the only thing out of 4 things I will eat in the morning : eggs (+ bacon, toast, hash browns and milk) that I usually eat on a weekend or when I don’t have school/something early in the morning so I have time to make them, cream cheese bagels that I only really eat when travelling (because I get nauseous easily and it’s the only thing that won’t make me feel sick), groats (+ milk) and Nutella toast (+ milk) which is what I eat every day. Also, I can only drink milk in the morning, unless I feel parched, then I’d drink my bottle of water next to my bed that I usually fill up before going to sleep. Speaking about water, I need to drink more water. I should have learned my lesson after going to the hospital and needing two or four needles at the same time for not drinking water. That’s probably why I don’t mind flu shorts or needles in general now.

I also played Minecraft with my best friend. Haven’t played it in so long, and it was nice to just play normal vanilla survival—my favourite—with a friend. I never played 1.9 and at first I didn’t like the new health regeneration and attacks, but now I understand it better and I kinda like it. Boats are so much easier to control now, they used to be such a big pain. I plan on building a medieval kingdom, usually the only type of builds other than modern that I like doing. I feel that both of them are the only true themes made for that game. I know a lot of people don’t like the game and says it’s for kids, but I love it, because you can build anything you want and always have something to do, that’s why I create so many worlds. I think of myself as creative, so it’s a perfect game cause it makes you plan where your house is gonna be, what you want the scenery to look like (and I take forever to find the perfect spot with the perfect view), what your house should look like, what blocks you should use, if you should live underground or overground this time, or in water maybe and the list goes on and on to a thousands of different ways. It’s great for creativity, it’s actually used in math classes in some schools, good for architecture and finding friends. When I was in 6th-8th grade when playing Minecraft every day, I had 150 contacts on Skype, around 140 being people I met on Minecraft servers. I haven’t talked to them in forever, so I removed most of them and I’m down to 38, about 20 as to which I still don’t talk to, but kept anyway, because they message me now and then or I added them recently enough.

Other than that, I’m planning on watching The Abominable Bride again, but this time with my dad since he wanted to see it. And I never mind rewatching another Sherlock episode, especially when you could have missed so much in this kind of show. I really don’t like how Moriarty was left of, when John just showed up, though. It was good that John realized who he was at the moment, but Moriarty to just… be pushed (trying not to spoil this, so saying that should make sense to people who watched it) like that was not what I had in mind. Yes it might of been… not exactly… reality (trying so hard not to spoil), but it was not a good scene to leave him on, regardless.

Finally, is it weird that I still sleep with a stuffed animal—or Pikachu in this case? I got it back when I was maybe… ten? I don’t remember. I remember finding it at a thrift store and instantly asked for it. I remember a woman coming up to give me a sticker later on and calling my brother saying I found a Pikachu and I might have saw a Charmander for him, meaning he was maybe around thirteen, so he probably wasn’t as excited as I was. To me it feels like he’s always been eighteen as he is now. Anyway, going way off topic—I’m still sleeping with the very same Pikachu, except his tail is now upside down (it got ripped off and my mother sowed it back on the wrong way), one of the white dots on its eyes to make the pupil is now gone, his red cheeks were ripped off and his colour is kinda dirty. He’s probably very dirty and gross, but I can’t help myself to stop snuggling with him to sleep. I think all I want is someone to cuddle with or something to hang on to, but at least I don’t bring it on sleepovers, vacations or something like that. I can still sleep without it no problem, but it doesn’t feel the same. Maybe I got too used to it, but whenever I don’t sleep with it, if I don’t have my arms under the pillow or something of the sort, I feel like something is missing, that I feel vulnerable in some way. Yeah, I think it’s because I want someone there by my side, but that won’t be possible for another two years at least, when I can move out if I want to. It doesn’t seem like my parents are concerned or care about it, because they know I can sleep without it, I think they just decided that it’s a personal decision that I made myself and it is—sorta. I just never stopped sleeping with a stuffed animal and later on, realized that I was too old to always have it with other people around.

Wow, 1 556 words. I’m on a roll! (Yes I put a space when you switch to a thousand, that’s how I do it at my French school. Apparently people do 1,500 for example? Weird, cause for us a coma in numbers is equivalent to doing something like 1.5 for others. Because of that I get confused sometimes, but I got used to seeing the difference between the English version and French. Cause English also does $100, while French do 100$. I’m used to doing both numbers and dollar signs the French version, so I wonder if it ever confuses someone who only speaks English or make them wonder why I write them those ways. Wait, is it a language difference? Must be the only explanation for it, unless it’s a Canadian thing. But language seems more probable).

That’s all for today.

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