March 15, 2016: A Little Less Lost

Hello souls. (: Now that you guys are all caught up, I will start to just talk about my day-to-day life and experiences. (: Today was… interesting. Both good and bad. I woke up super late, at like 11:30am. I didn’t have to work so I went to look at an apartment. Of course, they had no studios or one bedrooms available until mid-late April. They were too expensive as well. That got me bummed out. And I was texting N all day trying to figure out what our relationship is. I like him soooo much, more then he knows honestly. He is the first person, and only person, I have an intimate connection with out here. Besides my cat of course. (x His issue is that he wants to be single. He doesn’t want to go mackin’ on other girls or anything, just the title bugs him. And with his past couple of girlfriends, he got into a relationship with them, but ended up hurting them because he wanted to be single. So, he doesn’t want to hurt me as well. We have already kissed and gone on dates and stuff though, so that’s where it’s hard to stop our romantic side, because we already experienced what it feels like and how much we like it. So, we are basically going to keep kissing and dating, until either things just end, or he decides he wants to finally date me(which I think is going to happen) haha. So I’m just hoping for the best. (: We went out tonight to buy me a new bed set, then had to go by Ihop because he wanted pancakes. xD  I had a crepe, it wasn’t too awesome haha. But then we went back to my apartment, where my idiot roommate had a friend over and they were getting stoned and eating all of our food. OF COURSE. But forget about that, they aren’t worth time in my diary. (; Soooooo, me and N broke my new sheets in, it was preeeeeetty frickin amazing. <333 He really is something special. <3 Oh! I also talked to one of my coworkers today(C), and she’s offering me a room to rent!!! :DDD It will only be $270 a month and I’ll have my own bathroom AND be able to bring G(my kitty) with me!! C and her girlfriend are having me over on Friday so I can check it out and make sure I really want to move in. I’ll definitely take it, at least until I have a second job and make enough money to rent my own place out. (: The only thing that sucks though, is that I can’t move in until April 12th. So a little under a month. But I think I can do it. With N, G, and my amazing coworkers by my side, I can get through this. (: Alright beautiful souls, I am going to catch some sleep because I work in the AM tomorrow. Sleep well. <3 (:

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