Listen to them on your radio
Memorise every line you know
Sing them with your heart out
as if that’s what you can’t live without

Mushy stories bring tears to your eyes
When will your true romance be realised?
Before you know it, your head’s already in the clouds
Do you know what real love is all about?

That’s why they’re called ‘LOVE SONGS’,
selling fantasies that can’t go wrong
but sweet-nothings work differently in the real world
Wake up and face the music, gullible girl

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming a little dream
but not everything is what it seems
He can quote all those beautiful lyrics
but please beware of his nasty tricks

Love is more than just words
Don’t let yourself get hurt
He may promise you that he’ll always treat you right
but what if he won’t always be by your side?

That’s why they’re called ‘LOVE SONGS’,
but nobody stays forever young
Stay grounded
Keep yourself protected
just in case he refuses to be responsible
after he’s caused your heartbreak and all the trouble

They’re just ‘LOVE SONGS’
Let your reality not end up a bitter one
If he is really, really true,
he’ll even put up with your blues
a whole lot more than just saying he loves you.



(Jakarta, 15/3/2016 – 7:26 pm – inspired by having listened to Saigon Kick’s “I Love You” at a store, completely out of the blue – and just wanting to snicker at that time. Sorry, SK fans!)

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