I spoke with my parents this morning. I have grown a little bit closer to my dad in these later years. For both of us I think it is due in part to maturity and part the loss of my sister. For so many years I had a difficult time relating to him. He’s become mellower in his 80 years. I’ve just lived and learned in my 51 years. I have a strengthening faith that everything in this life is unfolding as it should. Even the truly painful stuff.

Dad shared with me a small detail of his childhood – he said his mother used to play Irish music loudly to get her 4 girls and 3 boys out of bed on St. Patrick’s Day. Never heard that before. My grandmother passed away when I was in college. I didn’t know her very well. She always seemed so reserved and serious to me. Its refreshing to hear lighthearted stories about her.

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