3 thoughts on “Distance makes the heart……. ?”

  1. I married the man I had a long distance relationship with. They can work 🙂
    It is difficult at times but can be well worth it.

    I have personal experience of it not working and working.
    In high school I was dating someone who ended up joining the army. He was relocated miles away for training, we could visit each other, but it was very rare. The plan was for him to be relocated back closer to me, and I would move in with him. At the time I couldn’t go with him during training because of school, and work for me. It ended before he relocated back here, he needed things I couldn’t provide for him from a distance, and I couldn’t handle him feeling alone all the time and not being able to not support him the way he wanted the support. However, we are still amazing friends and I cherish him with all my heart.
    The man I married, it worked out great. We knew what we both wanted, we were able to actually get to know each other more than people I have dated in person. We talked all the time, video skype. Whatsapp is a great calling app on cell phones so you don’t get charged long distance. We even had Skype or Whatsapp netflix dates. We also tried to find ways to wake each other up smiling through texts or vm (if we knew their phone wouldn’t wake them up). If you have any questions or concerns you can even ask me

  2. It can work, but it takes commitment, faith, honesty, flexibility, and creativity.

    My experience is this: When my man and I had been dating for about 6 months or so he got a job which required a lot of travel. Basically, I could see him for the weekends. At the time texting wasn’t an option (lack of technology in the early 2000’s). We could talk on the phone, but only at night.

    Our big issues were that we felt compelled to do everything together when he was home on weekends. This left zero time for his family, social life, band he was in, etc. On top of that I was young and in college. I didn’t want the effort of maintaining a complicated relationship.

    The resolution: I explained the dilemma to him. I also suggested we simply date in the confines of an “open” relationship. Why stress temptation? He really hated the idea of me seeing other guys so he quit his job and got a new one in town. So for me, a long distance relationship doesn’t cut it.

    My advice to you in going forward is to take stock of the pro’s and con’s. When you list it out, I think you will know what’s best for you, your partner, and your situation.

  3. Thank you guys so much for the comments ! I just recently got into a long distance relationship with an amazing guy, we are over an hour away from each other and only see one another on the weekends. It has been a rough 3 months, but we are trying to make it work. He is even meeting my father in 2 weeks!

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