Lil Fräulein. Häschen says Hello


Been in need of a “anonymous” online journal to express thoughts that are best left unlinked to the rest of my life.

So here it is.

If you stumble across this journal, please accept my gratitude for your patience and sincere apologies if what I write offends you. If you see content that make you feel uncomfortable reading, please simply skip to another journal. The free web means that there will always be people with opinions that you cannot agree with. The beauty of the free web means that everyone has an outlet for their opinions and should be allowed to express it on their own space without attempting to ‘spread the word’; likewise, if someone doesn’t like what they see, the best course of action would be to ignore it and leave it be without ‘spreading the word’.

Thank you very much.

Lil Fräulein. Häschen

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