Listen and watch around the world

Listen and Watch carefully guys, watch,,,,, please what is happening in an around the world. In different parts of the world, things happen differently and people act differently. In some countries, people live happily and do enjoy the pride of being born in their country but in some countries people are deprive of having basic necessities like food and water and for others their properties and wealth of the nation are being destroyed by our fellow human beings.  What else is happening in this modern era?  Powerful nations can enter into the weaker nation and they are being bullied and treated like animals. Even animals do have freedom in their own kingdom but due to ecological cycle, they have to be dependent to one another for survival.  When a compare those analogy, i feel that we human being in some parts of the world are no better then the animals by seeing at their actions and deeds.

Bigger and richer nations spend billions of money to build destructive weapons such as Bombs, Guns, and etc. i wonder why can’t they keep that budget to help the poor nations and people around the world. I am not blaming any country but it is just my thoughts. No offence to any nation or person in particular. 



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