Haven’t posted in a while.  Not much change until yesterday, Wednesday March 16.  First time I didn’t feel too bad.  Actually had a lot of energy at work and got things done for a change.  Eating- well today is the first day I actually ate a bit better.  Had some Chinese take out shrimp  fried rice and it tasted pretty good. Nurse called. Potassim levels are low so I will be taking another pill for a while and I guess I need immodium for the shits I have. O well. Have to wait to talk to doctor about multi vitamins and having vitamin d level checked as was suggested. Thank you guys for call the cards and Dot for medals. I got a chain and am waiting for the son to put them on it for me. Next Wednesday is coming up fast and I must admit I am getting a bit nervous. I know it doesn’t hurt, or at least it didn’t hurt the first time HOWEVER the feeling like pure CRAP and the unbelievable fatigue has me worried. Keeping up at work is all but impossible during those times and I worry about just how much everybody is going to put up with. Then there is the hair issue. When is THAT going to happen. I don’t think it is going to bother me but then having never gone through that before I don’t know how I really am going to handle it. Still haven’t looked at the stuff in that envelop. Well like I said I feel pretty good not 100% but oh so much better than I have felt. I have the 2 chemo days off next week and hopefully I will be able to work 2 days then have Easter off and then I probably will have to use some of my loa time. Will just have to play it by ear. Don’t know if this time will be like last or if it will be an entirely new experience.

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  1. Happy dance for your good day. Grace is right you are so brave! You are in my prayers…virtual hug my dear. I promise…prayers…every day for you. Oh and I was gonna have cheesy breadsticks for lunch but I see some shrimp fried rice in my future! 😉

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