The Humble Man

A few days ago The Man and I needed to go to the library the other day to fax some paper work. While we were hanging out at the check out counter waiting to make sure everything went through one of our favorite librarians came over to chat. During the conversation the librarian thanked The Man for his donation. I had no clue what he was talking about.

When we left the library I asked The Man about it. Sheepishly he told me that he gave them $25 on his last visit. I couldn’t stop from grinning. The Man selflessly gave and had made no mention of it. He didn’t do it for acknowledgement. He did it to help a worthy cause. 

Then I thought about it. The other day I was trying to open Google man’s in his phone. I accidentally opened his FB messenger instead. I saw a messenger from his friend’s little sister, again thanking him. I asked him about it and it turns out he donated some money to her gofundme account so she can raise the funds to go to college. He thought she’d put the assistance to good use.

I am with a man who is strong, smart, and kind. He is giving.  He is helpful. He does none of this for himself. He does it to help others out there who need it. I know he doesn’t do it for my approval, but my pride in him is through the roof. 

It’s all these thousand and one things that spark and pop about him that make me grin ear to ear. We’ve both been working a lot lately and I miss him, but I’m glad that he leaves me with such pleasant thoughts. With him not only do I feel loved, but I know that I am loved.

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