Change of plans

Well I just have a feeling that this journal is going to be kind of small. I’m tired and I feel a nap coming on. But the journals must continue no matter what. Well that is unless I absolutely can’t write because I don’t have one of the two of my computers. That should only happen this summer. I don’t think anything like that will happen this school year.

So I was on twitter and someone said that we only have cinquante et un days of school left. That could be a good thing and a bad thing in all honesty. It’s good because not that many days of school left and bad because exams are coming up fast. Last year I believe that our exams continued to the very last day of school. I don’t have any major concerns for any of my classes or the exams. I have all A’s so even if I fail an exam I will pass the class. So all should be good.

Tomorrow I am planning on going out with a big group of friends and we are watching the new allegiant at 7:30. I and a few other girls are going to go get a coffee before the movie. There is a really good coffee place within walking distance of the movie theater so it will be nice to have coffee with some mates and just talk. We don’t talk as much anymore because of school but it’s okay. I say we don’t talk much but we actually talk every day at school but it’s only before school starts because we all have different pathways. I finish my pathway this year so I will have my pathway finished for graduation. I am taking pre-calculus next year so I will have my math’s done. I think all I will have left is science, English, and French 2. Then I can graduate early. I don’t think I am going to graduate early but instead I’m going to take college courses all that last part of my senior year.


Okay I just got back to my bedroom. I don’t feel like deleting it so just mark out in your mind about the movie and coffee. I was walking back from the bathroom and my dad stopped me and told me that he got his hands on some tickets to a basketball game and he told me he would like to go out as a family but it was up to me because he was aware of my plans already. So now I’m going to a basketball game in Charlotte. There might be a few people from church there but I don’t know everything. I just found out. So that’s that.

Colossians 1:28- He is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ.

Well I think that is all for today. I will keep y’all updated as I continue with my journey through life.

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