Fire Hazard in my Country

This is one of the saddest moment which I have ever observed in my native country.  Although,  people here do enjoy under the guidance of tripple gem and great monarch.  I love my country when looking at peacefulness and friendliness of our people. But suddenly several times many of our well preserved forest and priestine environment are being caught by fire in recent weeks.  By seeing at the scale on how the fire destroy  our country’s environment,  personal and nation’s properties,   it sadden me a lot.  Not only fire destroys trees but it destroys whole of the ecosystem living in the aforementioned surrounding and kills many of the innocent beings living in the forest community. Another sad thing is that none of our country’s either police personal or else can detect the culprit behind the cause of fire in our country.  

Anyway,  I being a concern citizen of this beautiful country is hoping,  wishing and praying for such incidents to not to happen in our country again. 

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