Hello Journal, It’s Me

Don’t know if anyone will read or not read, if you do…Welcome to my life.

A little about myself, I am a mother of two boys, I’m 26 and work in health care with developmental disabled adults.  I’m working on finding myself and bettering myself.  I will be returning to school this summer to finish up my last year of classes to hopefully get accepted into a BSN program next year.  It only took me 6 times of changing my major to finally decide (psychology, english, nursing, cosmetology, journalism and finally back to nursing.)  I’m a stickler for planning, I’m working on not getting discouraged when my plan doesn’t work out well.  I love traveling and at the end of the year I have visited 17 states.  Finally, I’m a movie fanatic…I absolutely love the art of film making and how a story comes together.  Just for fun my top favorites right now are: The Crow, Warrior, Fight Club, Kingsman, and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

If you are reading this I’m sorry for the disorganization as this is going to be my new outlet, the struggles of being a single mom, a college student or work.  Reviews on new movies I’ve seen or books I’ve read.  I will also be adding my personal weight loss story…

Goodnight Journal, Goodnight World,

Finding Me

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