In moments of depression, anxiety, uncertainty I grasp on to the same M.O. I need to change something, make it different, make it my own. I’ve gone through several dozens different hair colors, piercings, and of course I’ve got a few tattoos.

I’ve given up most of the piercings. These days I rock 2 simple ear piercings and I am content with that. I have a scar on the edge of my right ear brow from an old bar bell. Don’t plan on ever re-piercing it again. It’s the same with my navel. I got it pierced when I was 18. I took the ring out when I got pregnant. Don’t really care to show off my tummy anymore. I have daughters that look to me for guidance.

Tonight I’m sitting on a sheet in my living room with color stripper in my hair. I’m done with my red locks. Time for something new. My plan is to go as blond as possible. I’m nervous and tentative. I know from past experience it is really difficult to dye red hair blond. So I’m using color oops and crossing my fingers. Oh man do I hope I don’t wind up with Ronald McDonald orange hair. It’s happened to me once before.

When Deedee was about 2 years old I attempted to dye my hair to be as golden blond as hers. It was a miserable, epic failure. I was horrified by the shocking orange color. I re-dyed it something darker to fix it and that was that. I’ve never tried to dye my thick locks blond again. The irony is, I was born blond.

I’ve also used supposedly temporary black dye on my hair for a special occasion. HUGE mistake. I had to grow the hair out that was way too dark for my complexion. It took about 2 years.

Since my two dyeing catastrophes I’ve played it safe and stuck to reds and browns ever since.

I’m tired of looking the same way. I live in a new state, have a new job, slowly changing my wardrobe. I’d like a new hair color to go along with it. I’ve got enough tattoos and piercings anyways.

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