News Flash.!!!

Ok. so this morning i wake up at 3 just laying in bed staring at the ceiling thinking to myself how can i have a better day? Well, I fell back asleep and woke up again around 9:30. Gary (my husband) is still sleeping but the baby is wide awake. So i change him and feed him do our morning routine. I but our son down in his crib with his toys so I could surprise my husband. But when i get in the room as soon as i go to Touch him he wakes and says “get me cereal please”. Not even a care in the world that i was touching him…


Well a few hours later i get messages on my phone saying how i dont try and have sex with him the or I do give him blow jobs. Like seriously dude? I tried and you didnt seem very interested.? I never thought that our relationship would end up like this. I really am debating on if i should try and work out things or if i should just say fuck it and move on. I literally been fighting this battle for a few years now when would you know when to say no? or enough is enough?

So he comes home and im dressed super sexy in lingre even tho im 5 months pregnant oiled up from top to bottom like he likes it. Gary just walks on by…… its like lately im the last thing on his mind. I sent him a text message stating how i just wasted my time trying to surprise him for the second time today and how i had to take a shower again to get this oil off of me.

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