This day is far beyond great! I have lots of realizations today.. 

We had our recollection.. it was my first time.. and it was great! I would surely want to experience it again… gooshh.. I cried a lot today.. but after that.. I feel so light.. I hate crying in front of a lot of people but.. I couldn’t help it.. I’ve read their letters tonight.. I was so touched.. I really do love and appreciate letters.. it makes me smile and sad at the same time.. how I would miss them so much.. aww.. good thing we now have social medias.. thanks to it.. but seeing and talking to each other in person is way too different.. 

I would really miss all of them.. so much especially the memories.. 

I am definitely not so ready.. I don’t want to move up yet.. honestly.. I don’t even want to look at the calendar.. coz it makes me terribly sad.. thinking that I wouldn’t see them all again.. and I’m really scared.. because of doubts.. and a lot of what its.. I can’t help but over think.. and I hate myself for it.. 

This is all of it for tonight.. stay positive guys!



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