19.03.2016: me!

Dear diary,

As this is the first entry in my diary, I will give some idea about myself.

Hello! My name is Jyothis V James. Those who love me, calls me by the name Joekuttan. I guess, you can also call me the same. I am 19 and is currently doing under graduation in computer science engineering. I am settled in the hearts of Kerala, India otherwise known as Cochin. My family consists of me, my father and my mother. I am single child.

Talking about myself, I am simple boy, who believes that life is to be enjoyed every moment to its fullest! I love spreading smiles. My hobbies include listening to music, reading, internet browsing, chatting, watching movies, traveling and of course, hanging out with friends.

One of the saddest thing I feel about my life is, I am single child. I hate being a single child. I wish I had a sibling. Sometimes, I get angry with God for not giving me sibling. Some people say, having no sibling is great. Well, I disagree. It’s boring. I need somebody to share my love, maybe fight and to express my emotions, thoughts and experiences. Whenever, I see my friends with sibling, I get into a state of depression. This is also the sole reason, I am writing this diary. It helps me a lot. I feel more free. I believe sharing some secrets with the world is a lot better than encrypting everything inside your brain!

I guess, I am a bit childish and l love being so, because it helps me understand people better. According to me, smiles ignite love. I believe that the best method to spread love and be loved is thorough smiles.

So, I guess that enough of my first impressions. More love on the way!

Stay blessed,

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