21st Century Dating: What has it become?

It’s only been the second day since me and my dearest Sean have officially called our relationship off. Instead of mourning about it day and night, I find myself asking what was that year and a half all about. If he really only sees me as a friend, why did he ask me to go out with him in the first place? I know that part of it is my fault, for giving him my sweetest “yes” because honestly, he could no longer wait for my answer even if I only made him wait for two months which in my opinion is such a short time. Or is it that I don’t understand the European way of dating as oppose to the way I have grown up with?

All I’m sure of is that he didn’t really love me, and that I fooled myself from believing that he did because he knew all along that what we “had” is bound to end, sometime. I was just a part of his experiment. To see if a relationship could actually work out between us. Instead of thinking that he can see a future with me before asking me.

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