Bad Attitude from Receptionist What is your problem?

I never fall asleep early anymore and up half the night. Plus yesterday got an attitude from the lady I was trying to figure out how I could do separate appointments like lab work and actual doctor appt with psychiatrist. I had to reschedule because they do urinalysis and blood work and I cant pee in a cup on my period. I won’t do it. I tried to explain that but think she couldn’t hear me.

I was trying to get the labs scheduled like two weeks before and I really couldn’t get things straight with her and she was like “You cant just keep rescheduling” ….blah blah… I wished I could have said more like to “get me the supervisor or manager” but I didnt. I called later and got the answering machine…of course… and I said I was upset and I needed someone to help me with the confusion. The problem with some people is they can’t shut their mouth and let the client speak.  They are supposed to accommodate us, we have lives too.

The problem with some of these ladies is they sit at their desk and think they are better than others. I rarely get this attitude with men. I don’t know why. I believe in equal respect among both gender and rights and all.

I’m gonna be calling again next week and speak to somebody. Look, nobody owes any of us anything but dignity and respect on the job. Not a box of chocolates or a pillow to lay our head on….but respect…thats all I really want from anyone.

Too lazy  to accommodate me for a reason. I never have this problem at other clinics. I did have this problem elsewhere a few months ago anx it was their mistake.My friend chewed them out. This recent incident I told my counselor and she said it wax ridiculous.

It’s not me its them.  There is nowhere else for me to go and get this health coverage…nowhere.

Forget the typos my stupid phone.


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  1. You deserve respect. I hope things improve for you.

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