Days, Week, Months….

What makes one day different from the rest?

Why is a week important?

When will times change?

These thoughts run through my head as I slowly spiral into the abyss I call adult life. High School life is too different from adult life. I was never really prepared for it, they always told me that I was a genius. Well, being a genius in grades doesn’t come with inspiration and practical schools. Those things have to be learned outside of school, gained through with time. That time hasn’t really came yet and I’m losing my grasp on the temporary reality I live in. This, false belief that if I wait, things would get better. Let this be a lesson to me and my kids in the future. Time waits for no man, woman, or child. It will not serve you opportunities on a silver platter. Sure, life gets great, life turns into hell, its a normal process but nothing would happen if you take your first step. Here I am, stuck with a past belief that if I’m a good boy and help others above myself, life will only get better. “How can you help people if you can’t help yourself”  Someone asked me. Maybe they are right. Maybe its time to change. The world isn’t a forgiving or patient place.  Anyways, enough about me for today. Today is another day

  • Kanuke, the patient man

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