So I quit my job today

Which i am having mixed feelings about. Don’t get me wrong, Chipotle is a great place to work………..if you’re 17. If you’re new to the working world and haven’t had any experience with truly shitty and soul crushing human garbage bags (aka customers), then you’re ready to work there. But when you’re almost 26, have been working in the retail industry for 10 years, have cried (often) because you feel like scrubbing human urine and feces off the floor is what you’re worth has been reduced to, or don’t feel like being patronized by snooty teenagers who think they’re gods gift to the world because they work at chipotle, then no, this work is not for you. I just feel like I’ve paid my dues in the customer service industry. I’ve done the song and dance of “you brought in an expired coupon and are being incredibly rude to a minimum wage employee? Absolutely I can help you! I’m here to serve you and whatever hostility you bring with a fucking smile on my face. Let ME apologize for YOUR rudeness, it’s all my fault, afterall. What do i know? i’m a lowly employee, you’re the customer, and therefore a god in my eyes!!” and I’m 100% over it.  

so yeah. that’s that. on the other hand, the money was really nice. and the people (mostly) were pretty cool. But I just can’t deal anymore. I really can’t. so that’s that.

Plus, now I can actually work on my schoolwork. Speaking of which, SPRING BREEEEAAAAK FOOOL! yessss. so happy. the only sucky thing about it is I think I’m getting sick because I kissed oscar and he’s super sick. but. whatebs. I wasn’t planning on doing shit this spring break anyway. so if I get sick, that’s just another excuse to do just that.

And now to masturbate and go to sleep!


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