The Dream…

Last night… I took a hot bath.. I sat down as the steam was clogging up my pours.. As it felt. I put a rag on the edge of the tub. I Get undressed and I step in the tub. As the hot water touched me. It reminded me of the pain God put me threw when I lost my grandma.. 

I Watched the water move as I stepped in. It went fast.. I remembered when I lost her my Life went slow and dark. I was in a Dark room with the doors locked. And the key was thrown out. I seen no light.. 

I sat down.. The hot water touched half of my body.. I remember that pain. It was the pain when i realize I’m not ever getting her back. The pain of my best friend being gone. The pain of knowing my life is going to fall apart with out her.. My Grandma

So I sat there thinking. About everything. My mind was going over board on things. I washed my hair and body. I sat there. Put one leg up on the edge of the tub. My elbow on the other side . I put my head on my arm. I stare at the wall.. Feeling my heart just break into pieces.

Then I start to Pray.. Asking him questions on why he took her, Does he want to see my life go down hill, Why doesn’t he care that he took her, can he give me signs or signal’s that he is listening or something.. So I go on talking about just everything basically. I stopped talking for a minute and took a few deep breathe’s. And as I was doing that I felt like he was there listening. So I got out.. Got ready to go to bed.. 

As I walk passed I seen my mom sitting in the chair. Next to the chair is a black stand. On the black stand was the bible we got after my grandma had passed away. It was a gift. I read a Verse of it. Put it back away.

..I fell asleep. In my moms room . she woke me up an told me to go to my room. As I did.. And I fell asleep. My dream was of my grandma. At her funeral again. Behind her casket was a door.. As I’m looking in her casket at her. Adoring her one last time. Giving her forehead a kiss. Hoping I could feel her spirit go threw me one last time. I look up at the door.

I walk up to it . open it. I was looking at the ground while opening it I see feet.. I remember those feet.. I slowly look up. Crying because I knew who it was going to be.. An there she was standing right in front of me. My grandma. I burst into tears. And hugged her. She gave me a little talk. An then I watched her spirit go into the light. I look over to the casket and gave her a kiss. Then walked out of the room. An then I woke up…

     Good morninggg

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