Tyrion, my lion

I’m counting down the days. Counting out of excitement. Counting out of misery. It’s disconcerting to be counting both for good and for bad.

Toothless has about a month left. That’s just a guess based off of her veterinarian’s prognosis and from what I’ve read about spinal lymphoma on the internet. In reality there is no expiration date. In fact, I feel horrible inside for I’m the one calling the shots. When the tumor eats away at her spinal cord and her hind legs are paralyzed, that’s our “sign” to euthanize. Pretty shitty if you ask me.

Then there’s Tyrion. Originally we were going to name him Ben, but not everyone in my house liked that name. Why Tyrion? In my house we are Game Of Thrones fans. My favorite character is Tyrion. I love his logic. I love that even though he’s a Lannister, he’s got morals. He has compassion. In all honesty, I suspect him of being Tygaryen. In the books he’s depicted of having one green eye and one purple eye – a Tygaryen trait. Popular fan theory is that his mother was raped by the Mad King.

So I’m naming my kitten Tyrion. He’s about 3 weeks now. I have about 3 – 5 more weeks before I can bring him home. I love his golden color and his little stripes. Toothless is completely black. Jake is almost all black. Andy is black and white. This kitten will help heal our hearts over sweet Toothless. He’s not a replacement. We were intending on having 4 cats. 

From what I hear little Tyrion is a loud mouth. I like vocal cats. He’s just starting to walk. Soon he will be home and running around playing with his big brothers.

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