The past couple of days have been terrible. 

I had a root canal on Thursday and that sucked. Balls. It was early in the morning, so I was able to do something with the rest of my day but it sucked because I was hurting so much and so upset with the whole process. Let’s just say I don’t dentist well. 

Wake up this morning late and I just didn’t feel good. Nothing specific bothering me, just didn’t feel good. Hubby was hungry so we went for some brunch. Our favorite place was closed so we had to choose somewhere else.

That was terrible.

Then we started out to his Mom’s to pick up her car so that he could work on it. On the way there, as we were talking, something he said just hit me wrong. It wasn’t that I was upset with him. He was joking with me and I know that he was joking with me but it just hit me wrong. Yes, I had tears in my eyes and yes, that was a terrible thing to do to him but it just hit me wrong.

After we left his Mom’s, we stopped for ice cream.

Wrong answer.

As we were in line, a car tried to pull into a space that was not a parking space. After no one in line moved, a girl yelled from the back seat “My Mom has a walker and could you move, please?” There were like twenty people in line, no parking space where she was trying to park and she was just being rude. Finally the driver got out and asked another car to move so they could park. Two cars, one handicapped spot. We were so upset at how rude those people were, we just left.

Then we had naps. I slept to long and wasn’t able to help him get things done outside. When I got up and out to help him, my sister called to see if my nephew could spend the night with us. I told her we would discuss it and let her know.

Oh wait, my nephew was on his way.

Not to spend the night, but to stay with us while his dad, uncle and grandpa did some work at a neighbors house. We decided not to let him stay tonight because the weather is going to be crap tomorrow and we wouldn’t be able to take him out and do anything fun. 

After they left, we went for supper. Started to order and the waitress told us that the appetizer we wanted was crap. So we skipped that and went to the main course. Orders in and we’re sitting talking when the waitress comes back over and says “oh…the chicken you asked for on your salad comes out cold. Is that ok? Hubby doesn’t like that, so he asked for it to be changed to a piece of cooked salmon. Note: We love this waitress. 

Food comes out and mine looks awesome. Someone not our waitress brings the food out. She sits the chicken in front of my hubby. He says “Oh..I changed the to salmon because it was cold chicken.” She gives him a look and says “Well, I can heat this up.” Our waitress comes back and says “I’ll take care of it.” After the salmon comes out, dinner ends up pretty good. 

I tell this story to say this. I hate it when hubby and I have days that we don’t talk. After the comment that hit me wrong, I think we spoke maybe ten words to each other. Dinner was looking at cell phones and trying to make small talk, but it wasn’t anything like normal. I know that couples go through this a lot, but I don’t have to like it. I like talking to my baby about things. I like not being that couple that fights and argues over things. I like sharing things with my best friend. When I can’t, my heart and souls hurts. 

Maybe tomorrow will be better. 

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