20.03.2016: small things matters…

Dear diary,

Every day is special. It helps me learn new things and understand people better. Today is Palm Sunday. So, had to go to church, early morning. Normally, our mass is at 9.00 but today it was at 6.45. As usual, I was lazy to get out of my couch, especially being a Sunday. At church, it was quite natural and morning mass helped me build up a good start up for the day. Something that strike me after mass made me into thoughts. Usually after mass, we gather around the church surroundings to chat with friends. One of my best friend, Deepa chechi and I was having a nice talk. Then suddenly she told me something. I felt a little bad about it. She told me about long nails on my legs. As I wear college uniform socks, I don’t usually shape my nails. For a moment, I felt a bit ashamed for not shaping them. It looked a bit awkward.

Although, this might feel like a small incident. Still, this incident helped me learn something for today. Some people believe that people don’t notice other people. Well, that’s wrong. Every detail counts. People always observe others. They learn from others. Deepa chechi noticed something that I did not notice myself.

I believe that if you choose to give more importance to little things in life, its much better than handling big things. As the proverb goes, “Small is beautiful”. Thanks Deepa chechi, for helping me realize the importance of small things indirectly. God bless.

Tomorrow being Monday, back to college routine. Still, this Sunday is special because, there are no assignments, no homework, nothing for tomorrow. That’s usually a rare event. All nice and calm. Holy week is coming up. God, help me to be the “God of Small Things”.

Time to say, goody night!

smile. love. repeat.

Stay blessed,

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