Annual rituals or Tshechu

In life one needs to have fortune to achieve our own goal and motto.  To me today I am fortunate to watch annual rituals normally we call as Tshechu at Paro. I could see many tourist came there to watch mask dance and other cultural show in the said location. I observed people come there with having various intention in their mind.  Some came there just to get exposed to our cultural show and some to take snap shot of mask in which they wear on face while performing mask dance.  Indeed,  these dances were performed by our great ancestors and lama in olden days and now it’s followed by younger generation to keep our cultural diversity still alive. 

We people here belief that I get an opportunity to watch mask dances then it will cleanse our five evil things which is embodied in our body.  Moreover,  these are some of the ways in which our great gurus subdued real evil being in olden days.

 By believing in what I have mentioned in the above stanza,  I was fortunate that I was there at paro to watch annual Tshechu.  


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