Celebratory Chemicals

Shed that stress like a second skin. Revel in the sensitivity of your exposed nerves for a moment, and then slip into the next. I like vulgarity too much. I’ll never be a good writer because I don’t think anymore about it. It just feels good. Like lots of things. I don’t want to be high alone. I want somebody to get excited over. I need to let go more. This is starting to wear off but I want it to stay. I need somebody to fall in love with every time I get high. I need someone to put my hands on. I want to be taken care of. Fuck me and smoke me out.

2 thoughts on “Celebratory Chemicals”

  1. Such a lovely crazy lady you are. I enjoy your writing…but I never know how to react. I mean I totally understand the need for the occasional celebratory chemicals…you strike me as a gal who has basic common sense (I know seriously!) but loves to dance on the edge. I may have you wrong I don’t know. But dancing on the edge is always okay as long as you don’t go over the cliff.

  2. Yeah, I’m not really sure how reasonable I am anymore. I make an effort both to be reasonable and unreasonable: one because I feel like I should; the other because I feel like I must. I haven’t done anything life-ruining so far, so I don’t think there’s any need to worry.
    Also thanks! Its nice to know someone reads and thinks about my little ramblings.

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