Day 23 – Lost track of time

Saturday, March 19th 2016

Today was filled with anime.

First off, I played Yandere Simulator and complained how the police found a drop of blood indicating that someone was murdered—a DROP—then how they found blood on my clothes, except it didn’t have any. I know it’s still bugged, but come on! (Sorry if I sound crazy, if you don’t know what game this is.)

Then I walked my dog, the usual.

Finally, I was redoing anime characters for an idea of a story I had a long time ago. It’s about a girl who ends up being surrounded by guys that love her (cliché, I know), but they are Emotions. For example, one of the guys is called Kirai (which translates to “hate” in Japanese) and he represents anger, hate, disgust, etc. I have a story and all for them and I actually want to write it, but I’m sure I’ll never finish it.

I know this is short, but that’s because I lost track of time and it’s getting late.

That’s all for today.

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