Day 24 – Lunch with my Youth leader

Sunday, March 20th 2016

Today was the last day off before school continues. I’m glad it is, despite there being a lot of quizzes and tests coming up. I have been bored out of my mind, haven’t done much this week. I promised that’d I animate my poem, ended up not doing it. Oh well, maybe I’ll do it in the future.

At least today was a bit more eventful. I went to church, my friend that I mentioned I dated once sat next to me. He usually sits at the front with the pastor’s sons, but since they weren’t there, he went to see me. At least, I think that’s why. We didn’t talk much, kinda just nudged each other with our elbows as we usually do while he says that he’s sleepy and might of fell asleep during the teaching. He’s always tired, going to bed at 2 am or something. Whenever I tell him to go to sleep at least midnight, he kinda just says “Buuuuut, meh” or something of the sort. He isn’t very responsive and I’m quiet, so you can guess how long our conversations would last.
   I don’t remember much of the teaching, but I do remember the pastor was talking about how mothers don’t like to be separated from their kids, so when Jesus had a donkey (forgot what for), he brought the donkey’s kid too, since it was a mother. I love that he did that, I don’t think I have to explain myself why.

Other than that, I went with my Youth leader for lunch. I couldn’t decide what to eat, so she left while I thought about where to go while my friends were playing soccer with a small ball. They wanted me to join, but I had 2 inch heels on (they weren’t stick heels, they were wide). I could have still played, but I was busy thinking of where to go and I decided Burger King (I only like the chicken fries there, I only like 1 or 2 items per fast food restaurant).
   It’s funny though because whenever I wear heels, even more people mention how tall I’ve become, until my mother or I point out the heels. Even then, I’m still tall, being 5’8 (although I’m not from USA, I don’t measure by centimeter, because that’s how my doctors would always measure me, I think it’s around 170 cm though). So I’m 5’10 with my heels. Still shorter than the guys though, except for one who is 5’6 I believe.
   My leader and I (who is unfortunately moving soon, that’s why we went out) spoke about Sherlock—different versions of the shows and movies, but mostly BBC (Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman…), we talked about photography and how she’s good at taking pictures of people, but bad at landscapes, and the other way around for me, then we talked about visual art in the general, then video games that we both like such as Civilization V and me learning how to drive… I might start learning this summer. I am turning 16 soon, but it’d be better if I could learn without having school work to concentrate on and it’ll keep me occupied during the summer, since I know I’m not going to be doing anything—or much, should I say.
   Actually, I will be doing something. Going to New York to with my family, mostly because my brother wanted to meet this person we know online. Going to be real awkward for me, since the guy’s younger sister and I had a lot ups and downs, and we ended it on a down.

Finally, I went home, played The Division, some Minecraft, did my R&J homework question, which was very easy and quick, took me a minute, and now I’m here. I might watch more Broadchurch tonight or read Harry Potter.

Now I have a French practice exam tomorrow and I have to get ready for quizzes and tests. Fun!

That’s all for today.

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  1. Wow you’re so much taller than me…I’m barely five feet. Anyway, I thought it would be cool to talk with you sometime too, because you sound so nice, so, here’s my email: I don’t have any like, social media accounts, because Twitter and Facebook are all censored in China, but it would be so cool to write to you.

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