I think you’re one in a million
‘though I doubt it’s a compliment
You seem to be proud of being different
Believe me, I don’t find that always wrong

You say you’re not the only,
but you feel that way to me
Your spirit is wild and free
You’re as emotionally-detached as can be

“Come join the fun,”
you keep offering me the same invitation.
“Set your spirit free, let your feelings run.
I can see you’ve been trapped and restrained by rules and obligations.”

I may tend to pause and freeze, unsure what to decide
A part of me is still fighting my demons inside
Fear of losing my ground; where do I hide?
When will these feelings ever subside?

What do you want from me?
You say I’m not just anybody
but I believe I’m not the only
You could always pick anyone else you might equally fancy

You don’t (want to) understand and I won’t wonder why
My instinct still tells me you’re the kind who makes girls cry
I don’t want to be just another on your list; I’m not going to lie
This time, your selfishness and ignorance make me want to say goodbye

Yes, you’re one in a million,
but I’m afraid it’s not a compliment
This life isn’t always about what you want
I’m not responsible for your disappointment



(Jakarta, 19/3/2016 – 1:00 pm)

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