Before anything else.. I want to apologize about the tittle.. sorry guys.. can’t think of a good one.. 

Anywayssss… another great day for me.. today we went to church.. with my family.. we were not complete though.. coz my other brother is sailing.. but it feels nice.. we still feel complete though.. and afterwards.. we went for pizza.. 

I was hoping to sleep early tonight.. but I don’t think I can.. tomorrow we only have to go to school for the signing of clearance and practice for the moving up.. awww… it makes me sad thinking of it.. honestly.. I don’t even want to look at the calendar to know what day it is today.. it really makes Me sad.. counting the days.. but I can’t do anything about it.. I guess I have to move on starting right now.. 

So this is it for today guys.. 

One thought on “Sunday..”

  1. Glad you had a beautiful Palm Sunday service with your family. Sounds so special. We went too, my husband and I and one grandchild. They (2) are autistic and prone to get restless, so we alternate Sundays taking them.
    Moving up will be wonderful once you get there. I think you’ll love it! Hope so.

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