To the One who never said Goodbye

I always ask myself… what went wrong between us?

Was it because of the distance? I am here, waiting from the place where it all started and you are there… in the place where you seek to accomplish your aspirations in life.

I fell for you so easily, i know it’s my fault to be hurting like this… to be still hurting after years of waiting for your comeback.

But then you came… that one day.

You were wearing that suit with a white tee inside and you seriously are rocking it with a Vans and rugged pants, that hit me. hard. again.

Then i felt butterflies but i wonder why you came… when for a year you stopped communicating with me. You were gone.

I know… I know everything what happened while you are there.

You had a girlfriend… and knowing that… that broke my heart but maybe i was just too inlove with you because after all your mistakes i still love you.

Im too delusional to believe that we could still hit it again, that maybe you came back to see me and ask for forgiveness for your mistakes.

You left me hanging with a thread, but with just a thread i still did not let go of you. Cause im Madly deeply inlove with you.

I caught you stealing glances, i smiled deep inside and i was given false hopes when you started texting me again.

you said you love me… 

But just like before you left…

you did not say goodbye.

and even after all these years… my feelings for you hasn’t change.

I need to let go of you… just like how you let go of me…

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