we are not any of that

We are not made up of the things we’ve said and done, nor we are made up of the aspects we dislike about ourselves. We’re not what others see us as, we’re not what others think of us as, and we’re not what people define us as. We’re not made up of the mistakes we’ve made, we’re not made of what we’ve done in the past; what we’ve screwed up and shattered to pieces with our own hands and actions, nor we are made up of the things we do, the things we think, or the things we say. 

We’re not made up of any of that. 

We’re human, and we’re made up of many things. 

We’re made up of skin and bones, bone and marrow, tissue and cells, blood and water, oxygen and carbon dioxide, squishy stuff and brittle stuff, limbs and nails, hair and flesh; we’re made up of many things, and we were made to be the brightest of things. We’re made up of inhales and exhales that mix and stir in the air, water and blood that we all share. We’re not defined by the thoughts people think, nor we are defined by the things people say. We are not what we hate about ourselves and we are not what other people dislike about us. We are not any of that. None of that. We are humans; humans who started off as clean, blank canvas and we give more and more color with each and every passing breath. We’re made up of so many different colors and memories and thoughts and questions; we’re a complex, messy web of things, brilliant things and we’re splattered with paint throughout the entire duration of our lives. We are humans.

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