4:42 PM

Has time ever stopped before?

If so and I wish hard enough, will time stop for me?

All these impossibles, all these possibles, they cloud the line which separate the imaginary from reality. There are times when I feel like I just need to enjoy moments just a little longer.

Those little moments…. Dreams, Happy Memories, My Childhood. Is it wrong to want to enjoy those moments longer? Maybe it is just me who feels this way, maybe not. Either way, although I’m happy life allowed me to live life like this. Even though my life was far from perfect, and many people who would look at this life from my point of view would consider it hell, I’m genuinely glad. That alone is something that not very many people can say they experience within the whole of their lifespan so far. Imagine a world where the impossible is possible. What a strange, yet wonderful place that would be.

  • Kanuke, the thinker

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