God, I saw you called, I’m returning it.

Hello God, it’s me!

I’ve been lost but I think I got Your message today.

I went to a new Church that has been in our community for about a year now.  It’s a Christian non-denominational.  It studies the Bible but does not follow the strict rules of Catholics (I grew up in a Catholic school so I know firsthand.)  I use to go to a Baptist Church that I really liked but it’s a bitter sweet thing for me as my ex was the one that took me there and when I go I’m always associated with the family.  I don’t dislike his family but I want to be on my own path with God.  When I go to that Church I’m always the mom of my ex’s kids (which yeah, that’s true) and I should volunteer for this or do this because that’s what my ex’s parents do.

I went with my sister to Church today, we have talked for months about checking it out and today was our day.  I left the kids at home so I could experience this on an adult level and to get the feel for the crowd before I sent them off to Junior Church with people I didn’t know.  A few things: 1. It was extremely laid back, which was nice but completely new. 2. I felt guilty for leaving my Church to attend this one. (It should be said that I have not been to my Church much, 2-3 times over the past year.) 3. I did enjoy it and figured I would attend for a few weeks to get a true sense of the Church.

Well not much to account for today, tons of cleaning done around the house, and meal prepping for the week so I can start the 21 day fix tomorrow.

Good night Journal, Good night World.

P.S. If God calls, pick up on the first ring.

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