Just another manic weekend!

Lovely weekend…busy, busy with mostly fun stuff.  On Friday I worked OT and didn’t get home till 8 pm.  Sat up early and off to work my half a day in my brother’s office.  Then my lovely God daughter drove us into the city to see Hello my Name is Doris with Sally Field..wow.  A lovely little flick that totally resonated with me at this juncture of my life.  Plus I have a wonder, wonderful goddaughter so spending time with her is always a plus.

Sunday we went to country club and met friends for brunch then back to their house for an afternoon of euchre.  Delightful day.  Delightful weekend.  Only now  I am paying the price. It was a no nap weekend and today I am very tired and very, very achy (of course I ran out of my meds on Friday and had no chance to pick my script Sat or Sun which adds to the fatigue and pain)  

Ah well we shall get by. This old broad knows her limits . No OT for me this week.  I gotta get a few things done and get some rest.  I have Good Friday off but will work for my brother and go to the stations. Then I get my granddaughter at 9 am Sat and thus begins our family easter weekend!

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