Sleeping in Heaven

There are those moments where you feel like in heaven. When problems arise and the world becomes more difficult to enjoy, we tend to find more enjoyment from the smaller things in life. Those small moments that we usually take for granted changes when we don’t have it anymore. It is like how the saying goes, “You don’t truly realize what you have until it’s gone.”

Just tonight, I was able to talk to my little sister and remain with her until she slept. Its really normal for other siblings to sleep with each other, but this was strangely wonderful. Usually I always sleep before her and she describes how I sleep. However, I wasn’t able to even speak to her in the last three months. This little moment felt especially special… Even if it isn’t really special.

These moments are the reason why I’m still living, just to be there during those moments.
Never forget those moments.

  • Happy Kanuke

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