The Bitch

I can’t stand her.. You know it.

Every one knows it. Because I was once in love with somebody. And she knew it.. She still choose to lay down with him.. Beside him.. And on him. She took her hand’s and rubbed them all over him. She took her lips and kissed all over him. 

He Laid next to her.. Touched her.. Probably the same way he touched me.. He kissed her.. With the lips that told me he loved me and wouldn’t hurt me. He looked at her body.. After he told me he wouldn’t look at nobody else but me.. But.. He gave away my love .. To her..

I don’t dislike her because of it.. I dislike her because she Ruined everything.. After I found out everything between me and him went down hill. Everything single thing… But then again I thank her for it.. Because If that didn’t happen I wouldn’t be who I’m with today… Even tho they have a pass to.. 

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