The Coming Unbound

Freeing myself of perceived society and the expectations 

Unbound by money and resolving complications 

Oh life, oh life, what it is and has to offer 

Embraced by love and my needs 

Warmed by the man and good deeds

Oh love, and what it is to give and to receive 

Calmed by the answers within my fears and anxiety

Forgiving myself and others for mistakes, humility and all that makes our humanity 

Oh sweet release, safety, and kindness – what it is to be free! 

Breaking through stereotypes and perceptions

Loving myself to less inhibitions 

Oh rejection, sometimes the best thing that can happen 

Loved by myself and others 

Giving, loving, and paying it forward

Only bound to the greater good and love

Life as the journey, Who I am and what it is? 



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