Need Advice

I’m back.

Today i want to talk about what happened and why i was gone so long.

I have this friend name leslo that is  what i call her well about a week ago i pretty much told her that i had a mad crush on her and i was so scared like omg but the thing is that im not gay.Well the next day i see her and i just made it super awkward and didn’t  talk to her  she later texted me and pretty much told me like hey you hurt my feeling when you didn’t talk to me today and like i understood were she was coming from because we talk to each other about like everything we are going through.Well then this is the part where i messed up.So i started acting different to try and get her to like idk honestly but i started acting different and at this point she just didn’t talk to me and so i was going through that stage where it was like i’m not gay and like this isn’t me and that i’m not myself  an i was just scared as crap because this is not something i would normally do and it made me feel uncomfortable with myself and just confused the shit out of me.Well we started arguing and our friendship turned to crap and right now its okay but ig all this time i gained more feeling for her and i want HER but she has a boyfriend and i have a boyfriend and we have already talked about this and we both said we both like each other but we both have boyfriends we both love and like maybe if something happens with our boyfriend then we would date.But over the past couple of weeks i have gained so many feelings and ive talked to my best friend and she says i should take the risk and tell her this but im so scared and she loves her boyfriend and i love mine  

SO what should i do ?

i know that she wont leave her boyfriend for rm e or try something different with me and im to chicken shit so what should i do ..ugh i have been stressing over this and plus are friendship is back to normal so now what?

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  1. I guess I shouldn’t be someone who should comment, but I think it would be best if I did. Anyways…

    What you are deciding is should be left only up to you. No one except yourself knows exactly how you feel. Love is a strange feeling, and trust me when I’m saying this, it sucks sometimes. However, love asks questions which can not be answered by anyone else but yourself, or more specifically, your heart. You are unique, and you’re very special. No one can ever say they have been in the same position of you exactly. This decision relies solely up to you. Just remember, the world works in very unexpected ways. Don’t expect the best, and don’t expect the worst. Just go with how you feel. Do what you believe is best and don’t let anyone else decide what your heart says for you. Good luck ^_^

  2. Okay. These are my thoughts:

    1.) You’re young. Why label your sexuality? Gay, straight, bisexual, whatever…. despite any label you’ll always be you and you have the right to change and grow.

    2.) You’ve brought up that you really like her… and it’s gotten you nowhere. So let it be. Not to sound callous, but if she was really into you her relationship status would suddenly change to single and ready to mingle.

    3.) The more you push the issue you are putting your friendship with her in jeopardy. My advice, she’s a great friend. Take it for that. Be supportive of her and her decisions. If she’s into you it will come together in due course.

    Hope that helps sweetie. Good luck!

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