Journal 1: Does journalism actually help?

Im not really sure what to write here but I wonder how many people actually read these journals. I made one because my phone got taken away and im a little bored without it but to be completely honest I think this might help me figure out a few things. My life is pretty ordinary im a normal teenage girl who doesnt know who the hell she is or what she wants out of life. I thought I had everything figured out and then the glorious act called sex came into my life. I always assumed people were lying when they said sex is complicated but oo boy was I wrong. Ive had sex about 8 times and all 8 times i think it caused a problem. But then again maybe it is not the act itself but the maturity level of myself and the people i have had intercourse with. I lost my virginity two days before christmas lol what a present i got. It’s funny because i had no clue id loose it, my boyfriend was away and i was just hanging out with a friend. A friend who mind you Ive had a crush on forever and he was completely blind to the fact. But anyway, yes I cheated on my boyfriend. The worst part was I dont regret it. I dont regret him breaking up with me becuase the guilt was too much and I told him and I dont regret who I lost it to. The idea of saving yourself for someone you love is crazy in a way. How do you know what love is? You cant possibly love someone in that way in high school, adults barely even know what real love is. I would have rather lost it to a friend then some boyfriend who will break my heart in the end. But that wasnt even the complication.The complication is everyone found out. Which isnt a shocker at my school everyone cares about any little thing I do. I guess ive always had a name as a slut even before I actually did anything sexual. Its mostly because of my flirty personality and the way I look i assume. But with everyone finding out I guess I never get away from it, and continue to make a bad path for myself which continues to spiral downward. But hey maybe this journal thing will take up my time and I wont have time to make bad choices lol. Goodnight to any lovely people who might look upon this and actually make it to the end of my story. xoxo

3 thoughts on “Journal 1: Does journalism actually help?”

  1. You have a choice on every e.try as to privacy. I’m p
    Old enough to be your hrs.d.a do please don’t resent what I’m going to day. First please be safe. No disease, no babies no physical abuse. Second I commend you on the fact that you are wise enough to see the repercussions of your actions. Finally honey you are not a slur! Hold your head high and don’t listen to the voices of public opinion.


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