Day 27 – Same old same old

 Wednesday, March 23th 2016

Today? Same old same old. Other than that, I like this schedule form of entry during school days. I write a lot more than I used to. Around a thousand words each time, compared to my entries that were 300.
   By the way, the underlined Day is supposed to be the day on the schedule, in case you’re confusing it with Day 27 for example. On my schedule there is Day 1 to Day 4 and each day as a certain order of classes. Probably not something I had to mention, but just in case it isn’t the same for everyone.

Day 4

1st Period (09:10-10:25)
We looked at our portfolio for anything related to Romeo and Juliet, and of course I added some rock music in there (My Juliet by Live My Last, She decided to click on it and it was really loud on the speakers. At first I was anxious about showing it to others, but then a guy near me said “Yes!”, which I’m happy with, since he likes that type of music. There is another person who was going to show the same type of music, except her video didn’t work, so it wasn’t that bad after all. My teacher actually liked the song because it related so much to the book. It was funny though, because I asked my best friend from a couple classes over if she could hear the music and she answered : “Oooh, that’s what it was. I thought you were listening to a movie” so the whole portable classrooms heard it.

2nd Period (10:35-11:50)
We had our science test for chemistry. It went alright, there were questions I didn’t expect. I think I got at least 80% overall, not entirely sure. There was one question I messed up that’s for sure, but the rest could have or could have not worked, so we’ll see. I’m still hopeful about it.

Lunch (11:50-12:50)
I sat with my best friend and her group. We hardly talked, but I showed her some funny pictures on twitter or tweets, mostly Star Wars related (Emo Kylo Ren and Very Lonely Luke).

3rd Period (12:50-14:05)
Visual Arts
We worked more on the chromatic circle and listened to music, that’s basically it. I had a friend who was laughing uncontrollably, not sure what happened there.

4th Period (14:15-15:30)
We corrected our practice TCPL (big French exam) and I did pretty good. I’m going to calculate my overall grade so let’s see… let me calculate it… about  84% for Cahier 1 and 88% for Cahier 2! Not bad, not bad at all. But for the second one I cheated a bit since we already knew some of the answers, because we did it in our French clinic, so I’m only counting the first. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll do well. Like I said before, it’s really hard to fail it, unless you don’t really know how to speak or write in French.
   I also forgot my poem on the table next to the living room, which was due for today. I sent it to my teacher by email as soon as I got home, though. Apparently a lot of people did the excuse of “I forgot”, but I swear I’m telling the truth! She knows I am though, because I do my work and do as I’m told, since I like to respect my teachers (unless they do not respect me, then it’ll be a bit harder, but that’s rarely). We’re also both very quiet and a bit shy (our teacher does not speak all that much, she usually gives us notes, but when she does speak to explain something it isn’t loud, which I like about her, because it gives a relaxing atmosphere, unless a student is talking when they aren’t supposed to), so we kinda just get each other in a way.

After School
Hungry, I need food. I’m eating in about less than an hour, but still, foooood. Speaking about food, I wonder when we’re going to get sushi. My family doesn’t eat it, but I want it so badly, because I can only get it if we got to a Japanese restaurant (which was once) or for one of my closest friend’s birthday, which is once a year. I can ask to just get a plate for myself, but I’m sure if they do get me some, they’ll get it for the whole family so they don’t have to drive everywhere and waste some gas.
   Also, I need new glasses. I can’t see as well and I wonder if I’m going to get new frames, or stick with these. I like my glasses now and the pattern is very nice, a lot of people like it, but apparently it cost less to get a new pair (according to my eye doctor) and if we do just replace the lens, I wouldn’t have glasses for a few days, so it’d have to be during a long weekend and I’d be extremely annoying, not being able to see far away and having to stick your face in everything. I like my glasses now, but getting new ones would be refreshing. And oh wow. Just tested my vision and it did get worse, cause now if my glasses are off (and I’m writing without them), the screen is a little blurry, and that screen is one arm away, without extending my fingers.
    After I eat, I’m planning on studying for math, because of the quiz tomorrow, and then read some of the book we’re reading in French, because our teacher wants Chapter 7 of Ta Voix Dans La Nuit done for next class. I wonder when our laboratory research for science is due… Our teacher gave it to us before March break, so most of us probably forgot about it, most likely—hopefully.
   My mom just walked it and said I might—possibly—(quote) get a snow day. If that’s the case, the quiz will be moved and I’m not too sure about that. Cause usually when they move a quiz, I end up performing worse than the actual intended date.

That’s all for today.

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  1. Emo Kylo Ren always cracks me up, and I’ve never even watched Star Wars before. Just the concept is hilarious. So are you a fan of the entire Star Wars series, or just like, the most recent movies? I hope you do well on your tests; I’m sure you did fine on the ones you’ve taken.

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