My baby brother

Today was such an unexpected blessing. I rarely get to see my baby brother outside of our usual family dynamic. Being the baby of 10 kids means he pretty much never gets the chance to be in a leadership role amongst siblings. That has never bothered me and to be honest the thought hasn’t ever crossed my mind. That’s until today. God also used this time to really humble me. See, I had asked Christopher for a favor a few months ago which he agreed to. What he doesn’t know is last night I begun to question if I could really count on him.
Not only did he come through, but he exceeded anything I could have ever expected. I am blown away by the man he has become. I am so thankful I got the chance to listen to him talk, share his knowledge, guide, and connect with others
It reminded me just how special he is and for the first time I left him with a sense of respect for him as a man. And damn proud he is and always will be my baby brother

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